Engine Repair

Automotive Engine Repair

The engine is the most vital component of your vehicle; because of this, general maintenance and diagnostics are important to keep you on the road for many more miles. Problems can still occur however, so it’s important to get things fixed right away to prevent further problems from arising.

Common Problems are

- Poor lubrication
- Leaking engine coolant
-Aged spark plugs

Engine Services

- Tune-ups
- Engine Replacements
- Engine Diagnostics
- Turbos Installed
- Engines Swaps
- Repairs

Don't ignore the small problems

If you believe something is or may be wrong with your engine, bring your vehicle to us and we’ll get to the bottom of it. Some engine problems can be minor, but can cause greater problems if left alone. Our team of experts is on standby to get you back on the road.

Virginia Beach, VA Engine Repair

At A+ Auto Repair we know how important your car, truck or van is to you and your daily life here in Hampton Roads. That is why when your car, truck or van needs engine repair we act fast to get your vehicle’s motor problems solved affordably.

If you expect your car is experiencing engine problems, it should be checked out immediately by one of our certified engine mechanics at our Virginia Beach, VA (just off Newtown Road) auto repair shop.

Warning signs your car needs engine repair:

  • Smoke from exhaust or engine area
  • Grinding sounds during and after ignition
  • Puttering during acceleration
  • Shaking sound when you slow to stop

There is no reason to hesitate, all engine repair estimates are free!

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